Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Slice of Texas> DR. PEPPER CAKE

One of the greatest gifts to the world from Texas is DR.PEPPER the Coke-a-Cola  of The Lone Star state. Often imitated but never equaled. It has some very complex flavors that are a highly guarded secret. I feel sorry for all those non Texans who may never taste the real deal "Top Shelf" that comes from Dublin Tx. brewed from the original recipe using Imperial Cane Sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup. You really don't know what you are missing. If you come to Tx. and you are a "Pepper" it is mandatory to have a Pony of Dublin's Finest.
Cooking with soda pop is a southern thing, and used in any number of recipes.for all kinds of foods. You give a Texas cook some Dr. Pepper and you had  better pull you hat down tight it can tend to be a wild ride down the flavor trail. This recipe is strait out of the Texas Hill Country an produces a luscious, deep, dark, super moist, velvety chocolate cake, with a complex depth of flavor from a hint of Dr.Pepper. To say that I love this cake is an understatement. It is on my list of last meals food. Just in case. One bite and you will completely understand, it is that good. Enjoy!

Prep time: 20min                                              Cook Time: 30-35 min



2 cups All Purpose Flour + 2 tbl cornstarch
1cup White Sugar
1cup Brown Sugar
1 cup Cocoa
1 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup Dr. Pepper
2 lrg Eggs
1cup Buttermilk
1 cup Oil
11/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 c Semi Sweet Chocolate chips or 2 /12 pieces Bakes Chocolate


1/2 cup Shortening +3/4 cup(1 1/2 sticks) Unsalted Butter softened
4 cups Powered Sugar
1/4 cup Cocoa
1/4cup Dr. Pepper
1 /12 tsp Vanilla Extract

Tools: Mixer, Bowls, Measuring cups and Spoons, Rubber Spatula, Flower sifter or a  Hand strainer. 2 9" Cake pans, Sauce pan

Directions: Cake

Preheat oven to 350 º F and prepare cake pans with a light coat of Butter and a dusting of sugar and set aside.
Double sift together flour, sugar, cornstarch, baking soda, salt and cocoa.
In the bowl of your mixer combine the oil, eggs, buttermilk and vanilla, Beat on med 2 min.
In a sauce pan over med heat warm the Dr. Pepper and add the Chocolate chips, stirring constantly to melt and combine chocolate and prevent scorching. The Dr. Pepper only needs to be warm enough to melt the chocolate keep the temp as low as possible.
With the mixer on low speed slowly stream in the DR. Pepper & chocolate mixture to the oil, egg and buttermilk beat 1 min.
With the mixer running on the slowest speed add the dry ingredients about 1/3 at a time allow time between additions to eliminate dry spots. after the last addition stop the mixer scrape down the sides of the bowl and beat on med 2 min.
Transfer the Batter to the prepared pans and bake on the center rack of the oven 30- 35 min until a wooden skewer inserted in the center comes out clean.
Cool on a rack in the pans 1 hr.

Directions: Frosting

Place the softened( room temp) butter and shortening in the bowl of the mixer, beat on med 3 min .Stop mixer add Dr.Pepper and vanilla, beat 1 min on med. Stop mixer and add 1 cup of the powdered sugar restart the mixer on the lowest setting to combine repeat with the remainder of the powdered sugar and cocoa, increase the mixer speed to high and beat 5 min

Turn out 1 of the cakes onto a plate or a cake stand by inverting the plate over the cake pan then turn the whole thing over. You want the top of the cake on the plate. Apply 1 cup of frosting the center of the cake. and with your spatula work it to the outer edge.

Turn out the second cake onto a plate and transfer it to the top of the frosted section, this time you want the top facing up. This will give you strait sides making the remainder of the frosting application much easier.
Place the remainder of the frosting on the top in the center of your cake.Working from the center to the outside and over the sides, apply an even coat of the frosting.

* This cake is too good not to be enjoyed by everyone So here is away to reduce the calories remove the raw sugars and cut the Fat.

In the cake recipe: Substitute Splenda for the sugar and use diet Dr. Pepper. Use 3 Large Egg whites in place of the 2 lrg eggs. and 1cup of applesauce for the oil.

In the Frosting: Substitute 1 cup white Splenda for  the 4 cups of powdered sugar and diet  Dr. Pepper.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chicken By The Book >The Spachcocked Clucker

I guess the fondness for Roast Chicken came from my Granny, that was her favorite meal and I came to love it as well. Moist, sweet and succulent and able to take on the complexities of a multitude of flavors. It can be a fancy dinner or served cold at a picnic. Yet this simple to prepare dish  can scare the "bejeebers" out of  some cooks.Whether fear of over cooking to end up with a tough  and dry bird or one that is under cooked on the inside and burnt on the outside can make some avoid it altogether. I am going to attempt to solve these problems with a few simple techniques.
Most problems have to do with the density of the different parts of the bird, some parts get more heat than others and cook faster. The result is some parts and done and some are under cooked. If we can increase the surface area exposed to the heat and get the chicken into a "user friendly" package it will cook more evenly.
The easiest way to do this is to "Spatchcock" the bird ; remove the back bone and open it up like a book so it lays flat.
This is especially useful if you want to grill,smoke, or BBQ your bird. Seasoned with "Bludawgs Poultry Powder" this particular bird was destined for the smoker until the thunder started to boom and the rain began to fall as I was heading out to build the fire. So a trip to the oven was in order. As referenced by the thermometer in the above picture this only took 1 hour util it was completely cooked. .  Enjoy!

Prep Time: 20 min                         Cook Time:1 hr apox. plus 15 min rest

1 4-5 lb chicken
Worcestershire sauce
*Bludawgs Poultry Powder (recipe follows)

Tools: Cutting Board, Kitchen Shears, Knives, **Sanitizing solution for counters Broiler pan, Aluminum Foil, Meat thermometer, Wax paper, Paper Towels


Peheat oven to 375 º F. Line the bottom of the broiler pan with aluminum foil for ease of cleanup, set aside.
Prepare your work area, remove everything that can be splashed with blood and lay down some wax paper and place your cutting board on it.
Remove the giblets from the cavity and rinse your bird under cold running water inside and out. Pat dry with paper towels and transfer to cutting board, breast side down.
This next step I will assume no liability for for any self injury!!! IF you are confident in your "Knife Skills" and you have a sharp knife feel free to use it, If your Knives are dull or you have poor "Knife Skills" I recommend using the kitchen or poultry shears!!

 Starting at the neck make an incision down each side of the spine along the entire body .Then cut through the ribs where they join the spine.
Remove the spine and save for some homemade stock. Trim away any excess fat from the from the carcass and discard.

 Turn your bird over (breast up) with the heal of your hand placed at the top of breast press down hard to break the breast bone. Lay the wing tip on the breast and with a paring knife or kitchen shears  make a small incision through the skin of the breast at the point where the wing tip joint falls on the breast and insert the wing tip into the incision repeat for the other wing.  

Blot the skin side dry with some paper towels and place skin side down on the broiler pan grate blot the inside dry as well. Wet down the inside with the Worcestershire an season VERY GENEROUSLY with BluDawgs Poultry Powder, Turn the bird over and repeat for the skin side, first the Worcestershire and the Poultry Powder.

Cook on the center rack in the oven for 1 hr or the internal temp on the meaty part of the thigh reaches 185 º F. Remove from oven and tent loosely with Aluminum foil for at least 15 min and allow to rest prior to carving.

* BluDawg's Poultry Powder

3 tbl season salt (Fiesta brand)
1tsp black pepper
1tsp dry sage
1tsp white sugar
optional 1/4tsp ancho chili powder or cayenne

mix all ingredients together  and apply liberally to chicken prior to grilling or roasting.

** Sanitation solution for disinfecting counters and sinks
1tb Chlorine bleach mixed in 32 oz water

 Pour into a spray bottle and spry all counters and sinks to sterilize and disinfect after working with any raw meat.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A square Meal For a Countryboy > Beans

Growing up on a Texas ranch, Beans and Corn bread were a staple and it seemed as though there was a pot warming on the stove daily. On a cold day their creamy goodness warm the soul like a mothers love. They are at home along side of the Potato salad at a BBQ, or as the main dish served with cornbread and garnished with a Jalapeno and a slice a Texas Sweet onion.
 On a recent trip home to visit her sweet Dad, my daughter called with her flight information and and a request for one of her favorites; Pinto beans and Cornbread for dinner the first night. You can take the Girl out of the country but I don't think you will ever get the country out of the girl. Gentlemen you have been warned.
I have eaten Beans all my life all over this land and in several different countries. Though the ways to prepare them do not vary greatly there are little things that are added in different cultures that give their beans a special twist.
The things that have changed in my recipe over the years are a direct result of these are; the inclusion of Mexican oregano, that I had in a bowl of beans in Tuscon AZ., Whole cloves that perked up some Black beans in a Cuban restaurant in Miami. A little ketchup for a bit of a spark, from Beans and Franks at a roadside dinner in OH.
My cooking methods have changed as well. Instead of the stove top in dutch oven I have switched to the Crock Pot with great success, from "Bean Town" ( Boston) and their long baked beans prepared in earthen ware crocks.
The result is some of the tastiest Pinto beans to ever grace a plate. Enjoy!

 Prep time: 8 hrs          Cook time: 6 hrs.           Serves: 8


1 lb dry pinto beans, picked and sorted to remove debris
2 oz aprox. by weight  Salt Pork sliced into lardones
1 qt low sodium Beef Stock (home made if you have it) the  best you can find
2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp Granulated Garlic or 2 cloves chopped fine
1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp Black pepper ( the stuff from the box)
1/2 tsp onion powder or 1/4  finely cup grated Spanish onion
1 tsp Ground Cumin
1/2 tsp Corriender
2 Bay leaves
1 tsp Whole Cloves
1Tbl Mexican oregano
2 tbl Ketchup
* optional 2 Jalapenos with slits cut into the sides

Tools: Measuring spoons, Crock pot or dutch oven, Box Grater, Paring Knife.


Sort the beans to remove any debris( twigs, pebbles)  rinse well and soak in 2 qrts of water over night.
The next morning and rinse again. place beans in the crock pot, add all the spices, salt pork, beef stock, and ketchup. Give a quick stir place the lid on  and set to high. Cook 6 hrs.
If using a dutch oven cook on med/low.
Serve with corn bread and sliced sweet onion, Jalapeneos or long grain rice. or serve as a side.

Chocolate Expresso Thumb Print Cookies

Chocolate it should be the 6th food group. I am an addict, a true "Chocolaholic".There are times when I not only have to have my "fix" but I want something other than that luxurious feeling of a piece creamy 70% cacao melting on my tongue. I must have it in a chewy bite with out delay. It is at times like these I reach for this quick and easy recipe for double Chocolate & Espresso Thumb Print Cookies. Small little nuggets of chocolaty goodness that can be made during 1/2 time and consumed during the 3rd quarter with a big cold glass of  chocolate milk or hot Cocoa[I really do have a  Chocolate problem].
These are so easy to prepare you will find yourself making them often as they can be addicting themselves.This recipe uses the Universal Baking Mix so it comes together very quickly with only a few ingredients.
These cookies are delicious as the are straight from the oven or you can jazz these up and put a Tex - Mex twist on them as I sometimes do, by adding a little cinnamon and some Ancho Chili powder to the mix and a dollop of Dulce de Leche on top, or top with some Nutella and crushed Hazel nuts  for an Italian flair or a dusting of cocoa powder just because you can .Enjoy!

Prep Time: 5 min                      Cook Time: 8 Min              Makes: 1 doz


3/4 cup Baking Mix
1pkg instant pudding
1 lrg egg
1/4 cup oil (any light oil)
1 tsp vanilla
3tbl sugar (Splenda )
3 tbl semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 Instant Espresso powder or 1tsp instant coffee

Tools: 1 Medium  and 1 Small mixing Bowl, Whisk or a Fork, Measuring cup and spoons, Cookie sheet.


Preheat oven to 350º F (I usually make these in the toaster oven).
In a med mixing bowl add the Universal Baking Mix, chocolate chips,sugar,espresso powder and instant pudding stir to combine create a small well in the middle.
In a small bowl beat the egg with the oil and vanilla. Pour into the well in the dry ingredients and mix until it looks like wet sand and forms into a ball ( I find using my finger to mix works best).
Pull of about 1 tsp. at a time and roll into a ball, place the balls on to a parchment lined or un-greased sheet pan about 3" apart. with your thumb press on each ball to form a disc.
Bake at 350º F for 8 min. Remove to a cooling rack. These cookies will be cool in about 5 min.

This basic recipe may be adapted for use with any flavor of instant pudding.

The Bakers Secret > Universal Baking mix

Baking mixes such as name brand " Bisquick, " "Jiffy" have been available for years on the shelves in grocery stores across the country. While they work alright and speed things up when your pressed for time, there are some folks making a pile of cash providing these for your convenience. With the prices steadily climbing in the grocery stores and the state of the economy being what it is, we are all looking for ways to make our dollars go farther and still provide good meals. You can make 5Lb. of baking mix that works as good as the pre-packaged stuff for less and do it in about 20 min for a fraction of the cost. It can be used to create all manner of  delicious baked goods.
I keep this on hand as a staple in my pantry as a time saver for those times when I need to bang out something fast. It is very easy and only minimal tools are required. Lets make some.

Time: 20 min                          Shelf Life: 6 months                       Makes: 5 lb

 5 lb All Purpose flour
2 1/2 cups Powdered milk
3/4 cup Baking powder
3 tbl Salt
2 tbl Cream of Tarter
1/2 cup Sugar
2 lb Shortening

Tools: 2 large bowls, Measuring cup & spoons, Strainer, Larger storage container.


Place 5 lb A/P flour into a Large bowl mix the rest of the ingredients together and add to the  flour.

Sift all together add in the shortening and rub through the flour until you can squeeze it together  and it forms a clump(like damp sand).

 Transfer to a large air tight storage container and store on pantry shelf up to 6 months. This can be used exactly like the commercial mixes. Be looking for some easy recipes in the near future using this mix.

No Knead Honey Oat Sourdough Bread

*This is a continuation of a series on Sourdough*

The old biblical saying "Man dose not live by bread alone," should have been rephrased to; " Man dose not live by Boring bread alone!" White bread is plain boring as are some whole wheat's, especially the stuff from commercial bakeries. I guess it is age that gives us the palate to really appreciate the complex flavor and aroma from a mutli grain or a pumpernickel and that wonderful sourdough.

 There is nothing quite like the aroma of fresh baked bread to awaken the hunger pangs and make adults act like children, given a warm slice with butter & jam we are all smiling 7 year olds for a moment. That aroma  holds special memories of Moms kitchen after school. I was the designated taste tester and she would always hand out  a sample slathered with butter.Mmmmm!

I have a bowl of oatmeal almost every day with a drop or two of honey. Those flavors are made for each other,and lead me to develop this bread recipe.
I don't remember when I had my first taste of bread made with Honey but when ever it was from that moment I was hooked. Honey adds that special something to the flavor. Top this off with some flavorful grains and throw in some sourdough batter and well... it is pretty special.

I like to bake my own bread and haven't bought any from a store for several years.  On a ranch there are plenty of chores to do and time spent kneading bread can be utilized for other things, so this is the reason I made this a No Knead recipe for  Honey Oat Sourdough.

Baking with sourdough is a little different than using commercial yeasts as the wild yeast in sourdough take longer to rise and are affected more so by temperature. Raising at 75 º F is the optimum for a good flavor. Cooler temps produce a milder flavor and warmer ones a stronger flavor. Rise times are typically 12- 18 hrs depending on the strength of the wild yeast in your starter.
Most recipes call for bringing your starter to room temp removing the portion you will need and feeding the day before prior to mixing the ingredients to make the bread. I say it is not necessary, I go about it in a different manor to achieve the same result and save 8 hrs.
Well lets make some No Knead Honey Oat Sourdough Bread. Enjoy!


1cup sourdough starter batter
2 cups whole wheat flour
3-5 cups all purpose flour
3/4 cup slow cooking oats+2 tbs
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup honey
1/3 cup powdered milk
1 1/2 cup water
2 tbs oil or shortening(melted)
1/4cup sunflower seeds(optional)


Remove starter from the refrigerator measure out 1 cup and place in a nonreactive bowl, add milk powder, water, oats and 1 cup wholewheat flour, and 1 cup water. Mix with a wooden spoon and cover with plastic wrap and leave on counter over night.
You have just feed and awakened your starter and created a sponge in one step and saved 8 hours.
  *(feed your starter the same time: mix 1 1/2 cup A/P flour and 1 cup water together and add to your starter and allow to sit in the counter over night covered with a dish towel.)
The next day remove the plastic wrap and transfer the sponge to the bowl on the stand mixer add remainder of the water, oil, Honey, salt, the remainder of the wholewheat flour
place the dough hook on the mixer and start mixer on #2 mix 1 min. add the sunflower seeds and 1 cup A/P flour mix 1 min. add another cup of A/P and mix other min. The dough should start to loose its liquid state and begin to firm up. Continue to ad flour slowly until the dough comes away from the sides and the bottom of the bowl. at this point the dough should be very tacky.  Stop!!! add no more flour.
Grease a loaf pan and transfer  the dough to  the pan and cover loosely with plastic wrap place in a draft free area to raise until double in size. Bake in a preheated 400 º F oven 30 min or an internal temp of 200 º F.
Cool in pan 10 min then transfer to cooling rack.

A Peach of Cake

I was sitting in the front porch the other night enjoying the cool stillness of the evening and a little of "Granny's Recipe"(Peach Bandy). Listening to the cows mooing in the north pasture I let myself drift into another place and time remembering the first time I had tasted this peachy libation... I was a boy back at  my Grannies ranch, the first taste did not come in a glass but in a cake prepared by her loving hands.
I swear besides chicken, peaches where at top of her favorites list and mine to. She would go over to Fredricksburg during peach season and come home with 5 or 6 bushels. We would sit on the front porch steps tasting their sweet and slightly tart pulpy flesh with the sweet sticky juice dripping off our chins and laugh at each other... there would be pies and jam, pickled peaches, cobbler, and the wonderful peach brandy that this recipe is based on.
With a smile on my face and a powerful craving for a piece of the cake I went in the house an dug out the recipe from its hiding place. With a quick check of my pantry I set about baking up this tasty treat. Enjoy!

Prep time: 8 hrs                          Cook time: 40 -45 min          


1 pt of sliced peaches with their juice
2 cups of sugar divided = 1/4 cup
2/3 cup Peach brandy
2 2/3 cups all purpose flour
3 tbs cornstarch
3 tsp baking powder
4 lg eggs+ 2 yokes
3/4 cup oil
1 box vanilla instant pudding
2/3 cup chopped pecans
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt

Tools: mixer, bowls, measuring cup and spoons, bundt pan, spoon, knife, cutting board, pastry brush, wooden skewer.


Cut peach slices in half and place in a large bowl with the juice. 1 cup of the sugar and the brandy. Cover bowl and leave on counter over macerate.

Drain the peaches reserve the liquid

Preheat oven to 350º F

Prepare the bundt pan by brushing the inside lightly with shortening and coat with the 1/4 cup sugar discard and excess.

Sift together; flour, cornstarch, salt, baking powder, and instant pudding mix. Stir in the pecan pieces.

In the bowl of your mixer add the eggs, yokes, oil, vanilla extract. Using the paddle attachment beat on med speed 2 min. Add the sugar and 1/3 cup of the reserved liquid beat 1 min reduce mixer speed to low and add the dry ingredients in 3 additions mixing to combine after each addition. After the first addition add  the peaches.

Spoon into prepared bundt pan. Bake at 350º F 40-45 min until a wooden skewer inserted midway between the center tube and the outside of the pan comes out clean.

 Allow to cool in the pan, with wooden skewer or a long tined meat fork poke a series of holes around the perimeter of the cake and spoon 1/4 cup of the reserved liquid on to the cake's bottom. Invert the pan onto a serving plate.
 Refrigerate 4 hours prior to serving.

Serving suggestions: garnish with peach slices and whipped cream or *sweetened creme fresh

*whisk together 1 cup creme fresh  2 tbs powdered sugar and 1/2 tsp vanilla

From Naples with Love!>Pizza a Culinary Canvas

Pizza, the gift to the world from Naples Italy first appeared in NYC at the turn of the last century. It was not until the end of WWII until it really caught on thanks the returning GI's craving the Pizza that they had enjoyed so far from home.
Now Pizza is a multi billion dollar a year business. It has become fast meal brought to our doors in 30 min or less and just a phone call or a mouse click away. However it has became Americanized and for the most part a shadow of its former self barely recognizable from its humble beginnings.
Pizza has become the Culinary canvas that is only limited by your imagination to truly create your own personal masterpiece with different cheeses and toppings.
 Having been fortunate to have spent some time in Italy in my travels I fell in love with the food, wine, and culture of an amazing place. (If you ever get the chance GO!!!)
I have feasted on the Pizza from Naples. The first bite was amazing. I thought I heard the angelic choir... This was Pizza the way it was meant to be. Simple not complex, no 3 lb of toppings, just good tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sea salt, olive oil, topped with fresh basil and a  thin crust that was crispy on the outside with warm and chewy on the inside, simply amazing.
I became an instant convert, "a Pizza Purest."
 It was clear to me that the crust is the most important part, followed closely by the sauce you don't want it to thin. Pizza of this quality dose not show up at the door in 30 min or less. If you live where I do it is 75 mi to the closest delivery point. Delivery is not an option. So I have through trial and error developed a Pizza very close to that Napoleon delight that I enjoyed so much.
 These ingredients will make an incredible Pizza on their own or used as building blocks to create your own masterpiece. Enjoy!

Prep time: 24 hrs                         cook time: 15 min            serves: 4

Pizza Dough:


2 1/2 cups All Purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp Kosher salt
3/8 tsp bread yeast ("regular yeast" not bread machine or rapid rise)
1 cup warm water

 Measuring cup & spoons, Med mixing bowl, Plastic wrap, Olive oil,Stand mixer or food processor, If mixing and kneading by hand; additional flour for the bench.


Coat the inside of a  med bowl with 2 tbs olive oil and set aside.
 Place in the bowl of the stand mixer or food processor, flour, salt, yeast, place the dough hook on the mixer and mix on low about 1 min to distribute the yeast and salt.
 Add all the water and turn on mixer set on 2-3 until dough starts to form a ball and no dry flour remains, stop mixer and allow to rest for 10 min. This allows the flour to hydrate.
After 10 min restart mixer on 1(low) knead dough 5-7 min, stop mixer and pinch off a small piece of dough work in to a flat disc and slowly begin to stretch it out. this is called "Window Paining." If you can stretch the dough thin enough to see light through it you are fine. If the dough tares you will have to knead it a little more.
remove the dough and form into a ball place in the oiled  bowl and coat with the olive oil cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator.for 1 day to ferment.
*(note dough can be prepared 5 days in advance or frozen for up to 6 months.)

Pizza Sauce: makes enough for 6 med or 3-4 large pizzas


1 six oz can of Tomato paste 
1 tbs (aprox) Kosher salt
1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive oil
1/2 tsp Red Pepper flakes
1 28 oz can diced tomatoes (if you can get San Marzano tomatoes from Italy they are the best)

Tools: Wooden spoon, Heavy bottomed skillet 10- 12", Blender, Can opener.


 Process the diced tomatoes in the blender into a chunky puree, a few quick pulses should do it.
 Place skillet over a med/lo heat and add oil and red pepper flakes along with a pinch of salt. Steep for about 10 min. Add the tomato paste and fry it in the oil about 5 min, it will change colors from bright red to maroon and the oil should be red. This is an important step as it develops a deep tomato flavor that is sweet and deep similar to sun dried tomatoes.
Slip the skillet partly off the burner and move the tomato paste to that part and add about 1/3 of the processed tomatoes over the hot side of the skillet. Add salt as if you where salting food on your plate. Cook until you can pass the spoon through and leave a clear path in the bottom of the skillet. Stir it in to the tomato paste an push it to the cool side of the pan. Repeat for the remaining puree 1/3 at a time. Place in sterilized glass jar and refrigerate up to 3 weeks.

Assembly of the pie:

Tools: Steel pizza pan, Kosher salt, Corn meal,  Pastry  brush, Pizza wheel, Cutting board

Preheat your oven to 500 º F for 1 hour

On Pizza day remove the dough from the refrigerator and allow to rise about 6 hours, punch down and allow to raise again about 1 hour.
Prepare the pan, brush a light coat of olive oil on the bottom and sides, sprinkle with a little Kosher salt and dust with corn meal.
Place the dough in the center of the pan and work from the center to the outside.
I use about 1/3-1/2 cup of sauce per Pizza. Place the sauce in the middle of the dough and with the bottom of a large spoon work the sauce evenly to the outside edge leaving a thin but even layer.
 Apply the toppings of choice and place in the oven on the center rack  and bake for 15 min. Remove from oven add the cheese and return to the oven 2-3 min until the cheese gets all bubbly and just begins to turn golden brown on the top.
Remove from oven, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh basil leaves.