Friday, November 19, 2010

Chocolate Eclair Desert> Skinny Food; really!

I found this recipe on a cooking site some time ago I cut and pasted it into a word document and saved it. So if you are the original poster Thank you !
As I have stated before I am a self diagnosed Doughnut Junkie. You wave a Chocolate Eclair in front of me and I guarantee I will be "your new best friend". After all I ask you what is better than fried sweet dough filled with vanilla pastry cream and covered in chocolate icing.May be two, one for each hand! 
 With the holidays fast approaching it seems as everybody gets stressed with more on the ToDo list then there are hours in the day. Coupled with the trend toward heavy comfort food in the cooler weather and shorter days.  You can get to feeling a little guilty when it is time for desert and so many sweet treats tempting you. So the thought of a rich Chocolate Eclair while tempting may make the little person with the Halo that whispers in your ear say "No don't eat that!" But what if you could with no guilt? Interested??
Enter the Chocolate Eclair desert, Now this is not the original recipe That I have living in my hard drive recipe file. I Lightened it up but you would never no it.
Easy and  to prepare with off the shelf items that you could probably find in a convenience store. It is so good that folks will think you spent hours preparing it, while you smile keeping the little secret that it is a low calorie/fat desert. They will never now. Enjoy!

Perp time: 10 min                           Refrigerator time: 2 hrs min

Tools: 13x 9 " pan


1 box Graham crackers
2 boxes sugarfree French vanilla pudding
2 cups Shim milk                                       
1 tub sugar free Chocolate fudge frosting


Mix the two boxes of pudding with the two cups of Skim Milk ( I know the box says 2 cups per box) We are making pastry cream not pudding.

Open the grahams and lay a layer on the bottom of the  of the *pan
 Spread 1/2 of the pudding/pastry cream over the grahams then follow with another layer of grahams. Change
the direction of the layer. It makes for neater slices.
Cover this layer with the other 1/2 of the pastry cream and top with another layer of grahams

Remove the plastic lid from the Frosting and the safety seal. Microwave 30 sec on high give it a srir and heat 20 sec more.

Pour the Frosting from the tub over the top layer of grahams evenly smooth it out with the back of a spoon.  Cover the pan plastic wrap and refrigerate 2 hours minimum over night is better.

* the pan in the picture is 8X8 I made a half batch.

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